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  • Design a custom image makeover!
  • Practical, inspiring presentations offering positive success strategies
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Coaching or training topics



  • Powerful and inspiring small group workshops and retreats
  • Dynamic and entertaining keynote presentations



  • Facilitate brainstorming process
  • Written summaries of discussions
  • Follow-up questionnaires, profile and referral cards
  • Instructions, how-to manuals, booklets, and presentations
  • Writing copy for all forms of media (flyers, websites, brochures, press releases)



  • What do customers/clients and/or possible employees think of your business?
  • Are you perceived as friendly, accommodating, and reliable?
  • Do you have policies in place to implement good customer service?
  • Do you have a current business or marketing plan?
  • What types of publicity do you use?
  • Do you retain good employees?
  • Do you have a customer/client follow-up method?


Bazyn Communications can teach the following concepts and help you customize them specifically for your business:

  • Learn how to use communication effectively (key to your success)
  • Write a business or marketing plan to guide your future
  • Acquire skill in forming an action plan to reach specific goals
  • Create and implement written policies and guidelines in all areas of your business
  • Develop surveys and interviews for customers/clients and past employees to solve problems and get better results
  • Get motivated to create new ideas and scenarios for your business
  • Learn what's important in designing web sites, list services, and email newsletters



•   Secrets to Coping with Challenges and Overcoming Change
•   Creating a Positive Attitude to Destroy Obsticles in Your Path
•   How to Create A Plan for Personal and Professional Success
•   Strategies that will Turn Your Clients/Members into “Raving Fans”
•   Diversity training
•   Master Time Management in Five Easy Steps
•   How to Fight Stress And Win
•   Image Makeovers
•   Team Building
•   Leadership Training
•   Is Entrepreneurship for You?

  • Speaking effectively
  • PR (marketing) strategies
  • Advocacy training
  • Writing presentations or general writing skills
  • Multiple session packages available:
    1. Six in person sessions (in one year time frame)
    2. Three month package: one in person session with weekly half hour phone sessions- includes follow-up emails
    3. Six month package: one in person session with weekly half hour phone sessions- includes follow-up emails
    4. Specialty packages can be designed for clients


For Positive inspiration, contact Bazyn Communications!
"Making the Impossible Possible"

Ardis Bazyn
(818) 238-9321