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Fall 2016

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Letter from the editor

Dear Readers,

It's an old cliché "Where has the year gone?" but it is really September! It is starting to cool down just a bit here in California and I'm sure many of you are beginning to see the signs of fall.

Sometimes, it is hard to get motivated, whether it is a mental block or just challenges you are facing. In this newsletter, I've written some tips which might assist you: “Ten Tips to Keep You On Track”. I hope they are helpful.

Believe it or not, it's nearly time to work on next year's goals. My second article may be useful when planning next year's list of goals. It's titled “Seven Strategies for Goals You Can Accomplish”. As always, I offer a free consultation to see if I'm the right business/life coach for you.

Since the beginning of the year, my travels have included  Las Vegas, NV; Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Dallas, TX; San Diego, CA; Passo Robles, CA; Faro, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Minneapolis, MN twice; Santa Barbara, CA; Sioux Falls, SD; St. Cloud, MN; and Santa Anna, CA. I've already have plans to travel to the following cities during the rest of this year: Passo Robles, CA; Chattanooga, TN; Redding, CA; Seattle, WA; and Sioux Falls, SD.

To give organizations and corporations discounted speaking fees, I try to coordinate events and trainings. Please let me know about events or possible speaking opportunities in these and other areas, since I’m always adding cities to my itinerary.

Have a wonderful fall season!
Ardis Bazyn

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Ten Tips to Keep You On Track
By: Ardis Bazyn

When you are making transitions in your life or your business, several strategies can assist you in making those changes.

  • Benefit from the support of friends and  family. Tell them about your latest efforts. Sharing your goals and struggles can help clarify your initiatives. They may even be able to point you in a different direction or give you a lead you can follow.
  • View challenges as opportunities. As you face roadblocks, you may find work-arounds or alternate ways of progressing to your next step, perhaps a more positive tactic.
  • Use humor to keep positive. Think about an amusing aspect of your efforts- perhaps your mistakes did show your ineffective methods and may seem humorous when you look back. Just laugh at yourself.
  • Learn strategies for life's challenges and changes. Keeping sight of your goals at all times will keep you  striving and allow you to move forward, keeping you more positive.
  • Develop Visualization techniques. Picturing your next move or completion of a project, you will plan a follow-up step more quickly.
  • Recognize positives in every situation. If your plan is proceeding more slowly or your personal life is causing problems with your timeline, realize you can adapt to these changes. Perhaps, a blip in the road will make the goal even better than perceived originally.
  • Create positive scenarios to current challenges. You have the inner strength and power to change your perspective and often the ultimate outcome. Think of possible positive scenarios.
  • Integrate relaxation and exercise into your daily schedule. This will invigorate you to work harder and think more clearly.
  • Set realistic goals. If your goals are reachable, even if there are some delays, you will still be able to complete them.
  • Discourage outside influences that would stop you from reaching your goals. If others try to tell you it's out of reach, just remember others who have been successful even when facing challenges.

Copyright © 2016: Bazyn Communications, All rights reserved.

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Seven Strategies for Goals You Can Accomplish
By: Ardis Bazyn

Before you begin each year, it's imperative to set GOALS for your business. Looking at the past year is the first step towards setting your goals for the next one. What are the successes that you had? Did anything fail? What lessons, good and bad, did you learn? The key to setting good goals to accomplish during the new year is to build on your successes and learn from your mistakes. Use this knowledge to benefit your business. Achieving goals should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience, and using these tips should help you get there.

1. Just writing goals down doesn't work unless you incorporate a plan of action. I'd recommend jotting down a list of ALL your priorities you wish to achieve in 2017.

2. Your goals could include: starting a newsletter, improving your data base system, adding new content to your website, incorporating social media strategies, estimating sales for the year, or developing a new marketing or business plan. It's a good idea to limit the number of your goals to six. Setting too many goals requires too many action steps leaving you discouraged before you start.

3. As you are writing down goals, you should include shorter term goals: 1 month, 3 months, and longer term goals (1 year or more).

4. The most difficult task is creating a realistic action plan that you can easily follow. Clear and measurable goals will make it easier to understand what tactics are important to reach these goals. This is your ACTION plan. Very specific steps will guide you. The closer the goals, the more specific the details.

5. A time-line should show when each step on the way should be accomplished. Once completed, you can focus on reaching your goals. Since you've set your tasks, you should have clear direction.

6. Reviewing your progress regularly will help keep you on track. Dedicate some time each week to review your progress. Notice any potential obstacles or problems before they stop your plans completely.

7. Plan a reward at the end of a major task. It will make you feel good about your achievements and help you get energized for your next steps.

Since running a business on your own can be stressful, getting support from a coach can help you when you have difficulty planning what to do next. Having someone to share your thoughts, give you feedback, or just make you feel accountable can be invaluable. Support can be your key to getting started.

If possible, include your employees in this process, realizing it will take a little longer. The final result will be well worth it. The process will give your employees ownership and responsibilities to achieving your goals. They become part of the process, part of the success.

Copyright (c) 2016 Bazyn Communications, All rights reserved.

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To order books or seminars, check out or call 818-238-9321. Checks, money orders, and Visa or MasterCard through Paypal are accepted.

All my books are available for purchase on my website: in several formats. You can receive a discounted print copy of my third book by ordering it on my publisher’s website: BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS: Does the Image of Your Business Attract Customers and Motivate Employees?

Go to the author page and look for Ardis Bazyn or go to the book page and look for “Building Blocks to Success”.

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Products and Services

Bazyn Communications continues to offer inspirational and motivational speaking, business coaching, and writing. A free consultation by phone or in person is available upon request. For a list of speaking or coaching topics, visit We’re also available for a variety of writing projects, small and large: business plans, marketing plans, articles, and copy for most types of media for small businesses and nonprofits. Small Braille transcription projects including greeting cards or business cards are offered at reasonable prices. Contact us for pricing.

If you wish to receive a text version of this newsletter or receive any past issues, please email: or call (818) 238-9321.

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Contributions Accepted

If you wish to contribute an article to a future newsletter, or make any suggestions, please send an email to . Each article received will be read and will be printed if it meets the newsletter criteria.

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Check out the links of organizations in which I participate:

American Council of the Blind
Burbank Activities
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Xlibris Publishing

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Contact Information

Bazyn Communications
Ardis Bazyn

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Favorite Quotes

“I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance” - Steve Jobs

“You can have everything you want by helping enough other people”

“The right idea with no follow-through is dead on arrival”

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