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Make the Impossible Possible Newsletter

Spring 2013

Copyright © March 2013 Bazyn Communications, All rights reserved.

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  1. Letter from the editor
  2. Articles
    1. “Online Marketing On A Small Budget” By: Evelyn Colman
    2. “How to Use A Sub-contractor to Save Money and Build Business” By: William Burley
  3. Products and Services
  4. Contributing to this newsletter
  5. Recommended links
  6. Contact information
  7. Favorite quotes

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Letter from the editor

Dear readers,

At this time, some are still feeling some winter storms but spring will be here soon. During this time of rebirth, itís time to reflect on how we can improve. Iíve revamped my website and have changed my tagline to ďMake the Impossible PossibleĒ. Each day, I meet people who donít think they can cope with the changes in their lives or overcome their challenges. I would like to share what Iíve learned with those who need a brighter perspective. Iíve had numerous mentors through the years who have assisted me and I wish to thank everyone of them. I look forward to another year of helping others.

In this issue, there are two articles which can help your organization or business grow. As always, I will give a free consultation to anyone who calls me. Thanks to all who have trusted me with your business.

Ardis Bazyn

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Online Marketing On A Small Budget
By: Evelyn Colmann

If you are looking for ways to boost your online profile without having to throw huge amounts of cash at programmers and internet marketing experts, a blog might be able to help you.

For charities and not for profit organizations a blog is an ideal platform from which to spread the word. Firstly, it’s free to set up and maintenance doesn’t have to cost the earth, which is perfect for the smaller marketing budget. Secondly, you can choose to publish whatever you like on your blog, and build up a portfolio of readers who care about your issue – this means there is no waiting around to see whether your news has made it onto the pages of the local daily newspaper.

What can you use a blog for? A blog is an easily updatable platform upon which your organization can post articles and information. It connects you to an online community where you can talk to customers and share expertise. It is also used by organizations to add fresh, unique content to websites, which boasts a range of benefits for business – firstly, it keeps information up to date and secondly, Google loves unique content – so blogging can be beneficial for your search engine rankings.

Businesses and organizations alike have embraced the blog as a platform from which to boost their business over the internet. However, there are a few simple rules to blogging that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Here are some tips to help you set up and maintain a successful blog:

1. Publish what people want to read
Lots of companies started blogs as a way to stuff more and more keywords into a website. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon your standpoint) this is a strategy which will rarely get you to the top of the search engines. These days, Google is just too clever.

Yes, do your keyword research, but make sure what you’re writing about is beneficial to your readers. Charities  can publish a huge variety of content – and “variety” is the key to success. Don’t focus every post on trying to raise money for the cause; instead vary your offering by writing about your work in the community, use case studies, and every so often say thank you to your supporters. This makes your blog a much more fulfilling read.

2. Investing time and energy
Unlike other internet marketing techniques – e.g. PPC and banner advertising – blogging is free to set up. It is also more cost-effective and less environmentally wasteful than sending out printed newsletter. If cash flow is a problem for your organization, blogging is a good way to continue your marketing outreach, even when times are tough financially – as long as you have the time and commitment you require to make it a success.

You can start a blog with Wordpress or Blogger for free and with minimal technical knowledge. However, problems arise when people don’t invest the time and energy needed to write and maintain interesting posts.

The best blogs are regularly updated and adhere to some sort of schedule. You don’t need to write a post every day as this can be considered spamming, however, once per week or fortnight offers you a decent amount of time to conceptualise and write your blogs. Once you have set up your schedule, stick to it so your readers have something to expect at timely intervals.

3. Contributing to the community
Blogging means giving something back; you can’t just assume that because you have published it, the readers will come. Rather, you should make the effort to spread the word yourself. One of the easiest ways to do this is by commenting on other blogs in your area of expertise. By commenting on other people’s blogs you attract readers to your own site, boost traffic and spread the word. Plus, you will become involved in an online community of people who may offer opportunities for blog swapping. Blog swapping allows you to publish your news on another person/organisation’s platform, so you can speak to their readers as well as your own.Blog swapping also provides the opportunity to build links from other websites, which is beneficial for boosting your readership levels as well as your online profile.

-- For Cash Flow questions, please go to

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How to Use A Sub-contractor to Save Money and Build Business
By William Burley

Managing the sometimes drastic changes of both increasing and decreasing work flow can be a challenge for any small business owner.  One way to expertly navigate the changes is to partner with a sub-contractor, independent contractor, freelancer or virtual assistant.  Doing so will allow you to ensure that you have an experienced worker to handle your priorities without creating a sharp increase in overhead costs. Many entrepreneurs have never considered the smart business decision of working with a freelance virtual assistant.  This can make the process of choosing the correct independent contractor a chore in itself.  Below are considerations that will help any small business owner make a better choice for their particular needs.

  1. How much money will you save?
    To hire a permanent employee, a small business owner can spend approximately 25% more than it would cost to work with a sub-contractor to perform the same tasks. This percentage mainly consists of what an employer pays:  Social Security, Medicare, workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, and other coverage and taxes. The average costs of working with an independent contractor ranges from $20 - $40 per hour worked, dependent upon the type of work and any specialized training required to perform the tasks.  The contractor can perform duties including accounting/bookkeeping, creating or proofing PowerPoint presentations or managing your customer service support mechanisms.
  2. Specialized training can help.
    Partnering with a remote assistant can assist a small business owner better meet the needs of the customer.  A contractor with specialties in certain fields can perform the tasks more efficiently, saving the business owner more and creating an atmosphere of increased profits while any employees focus upon their talents.
  3. Startup costs make it difficult to hire a permanent employee.
    An independent contractor can manage your operations, market your product or service and assist in building a better customer relationship model than if the entrepreneur was performing all the tasks alone. Freelancers may also be a needed support for any busy seasons your company may encounter throughout the year.

Some factors to objectively consider when making the decision whether the small business should outsource work:

  • The Money
    What are the real costs of hiring a permanent employee to perform tasks or doing it yourself opposed to having an independent contractor perform the work.  There are immediate costs which include recruitment, training, office equipment, and more. Long term costs include payroll and benefits taxes.

  • Skills and Time
    You must determine whether you have the real time to recruit, train and manage a permanent employee or would it benefit you to immediately access the skill set of an independent contractor or virtual assistant. There are many benefits to partnering with a sub-contractor.  Take a moment to objectively assess the best move for your small business.

William Burley is the founder and owner of Burley-Wilson & Associates, a virtual assistant and virtual paralegal services firm. Contact William at or visit

© 2012 Burley--Wilson & Associates. All rights reserved.

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Products and Services

Bazyn Communications continues to offer inspirational and motivational speaking, business coaching, and writing. A free consultation by phone or in person is available upon request. For a list of speaking or coaching topics, visit

We’re also available for a variety of writing projects, business plans, marketing plans, articles, and copy for most types of media for small businesses and nonprofits. Small Braille transcription projects including greeting cards or business cards are offered at reasonable prices. Contact us for pricing.

If you wish to receive a text version of this newsletter or receive any past issues, please email:  or call (818) 238-9321.

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Contributions Accepted

If you wish to contribute an article to a future newsletter, or make any suggestions, please send an email to . Each article received will be read and will be printed if it meets the newsletter criteria.

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Contact Information

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Favorite Quotes

“I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance”
–Steve Jobs

“You can have everything you want by helping enough other people”

"The right idea with no follow-through is dead on arrival”

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