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Bazyn Communications Newsletter

Spring 2011

Copyright © April 2011 By Bazyn Communications, All rights reserved.

For positive inspiration, contact Bazyn Communications
“True vision with insight”

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Letter from the editor

Dear readers,

As the weather changes, I reflect on how much I continue to change too. I learn constantly from colleagues around me and share what I learn with others. I’ve been trying to use FaceBook and LinkedIn more often, since it has become so popular. In this newsletter, I’ve written a short article that will interest many organizations trying to increase their membership. I also thought you might wish to know some of the articles I’ve written and have included a list of the articles from previous newsletters. I hope these will assist you in learning more for your business, church, or organization.

As a contributor to  the book “Success Simplified”, I tell people what I’ve found to help me be more successful in life and what I think “success” really means. Please contact me about purchasing a copy of this book. It is available on major websites, but if you purchase one from me, it will have my photo on the cover with other successful speakers. It is available on my shopping cart on my website as well…very exciting!

In the next few months, my travel includes: Sacramento, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Daytona Beach, FL; Denver, CO; Reno, NV; and Sioux Falls, SD. For discounted speaking fees, I try to coordinate events and trainings. Please let me know about events in these and other areas, since I’m constantly adding cities to my itinerary.

Enjoy your spring,

Ardis Bazyn

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Tips to Retain Members in Your Organization
Compiled by: Ardis Bazyn

I facilitate numerous conference calls, many with organizations wishing to find new members and retain them. Here are some tips I’ve learned from these calls and working with many nonprofit membership organizations.

  1. Get new members involved in the organization as soon as possible. Request them to assist in some way. Some possibilities are:
    • Handling a birthday list
    • Reminder  telephone calls to members
    • Writing in the newsletter
    • Planning a social event
    • Participating on a committee
    • Establish mentoring or buddy system
  2. Communicate regularly with members. Some examples are:
    • An updated membership roster shared with members
    • An email mailing list to share information
    • A phone tree for leaving phone messages reminding members of meetings or special events
    • A voice mail box that members can call to receive updated information or leave a message
    • Assigned someone to call those missing a meeting
    • Create an annual calendar listing all regular meetings and events
    • Record meetings for those unable to attend regularly
    • Create FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts for your group
  3. Plan events or activities that welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. Some suggestions are:
    • A mentoring program for new members
    • A monthly 50/50 raffle
    • Theater gatherings
    • Casino night
    • Anniversary or birthday celebration or picnic
    • Sporting events
    • Leadership training or how to sessions
    • Entrepreneurship round table


Copyright © April 2011: Bazyn Communications, All rights reserved. (For other assistance in writing or editing your copy, please see my contact information at the end of this newsletter.)
-- Read other helpful tips to promote your organization, church, or business in my book series: “BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS”

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Bazyn Newsletter Articles

I’ve written hundreds of articles and have many posted in my online newsletter the last several years. Here is a list of articles in my newsletter archives, below the link. (There are a few written by others as well). Please check the list below and go to the archive link to read them:

Link to Newsletter Archives

  • Art of Networking
  • Building the Best Network: Taking Inventory
  • Christmas Memories
  • Communication is the Key to Success
  • Completing business meetings more efficiently
  • Contacting Media
  • Delegation of Tasks
  • Diversity Training and Why It’s Important for our Business/Organizations
  • Does your Business Card design attract customers?
  • Enlightening Questionnaires
  • Evaluating your goals
  • Examining Opportunities
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Here's how to build beneficial relationships on basic principles of human dynamics
  • How Can We Better Manage our Time?
  • How to Get Results with your Writing
  • How to set goals that you can accomplish!
  • Making Cold Calls
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Your Business More Effectively
  • Media Strategies
  • More Useful websites for Business Owners
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Planning Successful Meetings
  • Shaping Meaningful Relationships
  • Sharing Your Experiences
  • Steps for Choosing Entrepreneurship
  • Showcasing Customer or Member Benefits
  • Snappy Newsletters
  • Successful Client and Organizational Meetings/Seminars
  • Tips for Coping with Challenges and Change
  • Tips for Public Speaking
  • Tools to Improve Your Business/Organization
  • Understanding the Power of Meeting and Greeting at Networking Events
  • Useful Websites for Business Owners
  • Vital Purpose
  • Web Standards - Should my business site be compliant?
  • Website articles and downloads you can access free
  • Your Two Minute Punch



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Business coaching plans are available starting at $300. Contact me for more details. To order books or seminars, check out or call 818-238-9321. Checks, money orders, and Visa or MasterCard through Paypal are accepted.

All my books are available for purchase on my website: in several formats. You can receive a discounted print copy of my third book by ordering it on my publisher’s website: BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS: Does the Image of Your Business Attract Customers and Motivate Employees?

Go to the author page and look for Ardis Bazyn or go to the book page and look for “Building Blocks to Success”.


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Products and Services

Bazyn Communications continues to offer inspirational and motivational speaking, business coaching, and writing. A free consultation by phone or in person is available upon request. For a list of speaking or coaching topics, visit We’re also available for a variety of writing projects, small and large: business plans, marketing plans, articles, and copy for most types of media for small businesses and nonprofits. Small Braille transcription projects including greeting cards or business cards are offered at reasonable prices. Contact us for pricing.

If you wish to receive a text version of this newsletter or receive any past issues, please email: or call (818) 238-9321.

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Contributions Accepted

If you wish to contribute an article to a future newsletter, or make any suggestions, please send an email to . Each article received will be read and will be printed if it meets the newsletter criteria.

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Check out the links of organizations in which I participate:

American Council of the Blind
Burbank activities
Burbank Business Network International
Burbank Chamber of Commerce
California Council of the Blind
California Voter Empowerment Circle
Coaching and Speaking Internatinally
Democracy Live Accessible Voting
Independent Visually Impaired Enterprisers
Randolph Sheppard Vendors of America
Speaker Match
Success Simplified
Xlibris Publishing

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Contact Information

Bazyn Communications
Ardis Bazyn

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Favorite Quotes

“I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance” – Steve Jobs

“The right idea with no follow-through is dead on arrival.”

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Copyright © February 2011 by Bazyn Communications, All rights reserved. Please tell others about this free online newsletter and subscribe to receive notification of future newsletters.

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