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a.    Does your Business Card design attract customers?” By: Ardis Bazyn

b.    Tips for Coping with Challenges and Change” By: Ardis Bazyn

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Letter From The Editor


Dear readers,


I’ve had a busy fall, working at some conferences as well as visiting friends and family. My most recent trips were to Sioux Falls and Pierre, SD and San Diego. I spoke to three grade school classes which I always enjoy. Their candor and questions are always challenging and humorous.


I did an interview for on October 9th and you can download the podcast on their website. I hope to link it to my website soon. She asked me about tips for “Coping with Challenges and Change”.


I’ve included a short article on some tips to help you cope with challenges and change in your life. With the economic doldrums, you may need some inspiration! My second article is on a marketing topic, designing your business card. Often, simple changes in your business might help in today’s market.


As always, I welcome your suggestions and tips for upcoming newsletters. Feel free to email or call me for a free consultation as well. Please let me know if you enjoy this newsletter. Have a happy holiday season. It’s my favorite time of the year- celebrating with friends and family!


Ardis Bazyn


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Does your Business Card design attract customers?


It is almost a New Year – the best time to consider if you need a new business card design. This is particularly true if you need to update your contact information. Have you switched to a new slogan? Have you had a new picture taken? 


Some of the contact information you need are pretty logical while others are not. Of course, your Name needs to be included. You may want a designation such as those for a doctor, dentist, etc. The second obvious one is your Business or Organization Name. The address may be the next item on your card unless you are not in your office often. If you list it, customers might assume you’d be there during the most common business hours. If you prefer to be called for an appointment, you may want to skip it. Another required item is your phone Number. If you expect calls often when you are not in your office, a cell Number should be listed. Alternatively, you may have your cell number given out on your voice mail or by a receptionist. Other possibilities for listings on your card are: Skype Number, email Address, website URL, IM, or title. A logo, tagline, and/or slogan might create more interest in your card. If you have room, particularly if your business name isn’t clear about what you do, you could include a product or service identification.


Do you know your target audience and how they would react to your business card? Does your business card arouse enough curiosity that someone would give you a call? Would it trigger a buying emotion? Does it complement your existing marketing material?


Next, you should consider the type of graphics to use. A good Picture always helps people remember you later. A company logo is another element that draws attention. Does your company have a brand or color that is used in other marketing materials? Consider the font size and type. Does it stand out and leave enough white space? Does the design look better than the Competition?


After printing the cards, have them with you at all times. You never know when you’ll see a new contact. Have them ready!


-- Read other helpful tips to promote your own business in my third book: “BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS: Does the Image of Your Business Attract Customers or Motivate Employees?”


You can order print copies from or . Currently, specialized formats are available from my website only.


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Tips for Coping with Challenges and Change


By: Ardis Bazyn


The holiday season is always a stressful time of the year. With all the news about a bad economy, it seems more and more people have to deal with new challenges and changes in their lives. These tips should help you adjust to the challenges a bit more easily.


1.    Benefit from the support of friends and family. Talk to friends and family members about your challenges and they can either assist by giving you great ideas or just give you some mental support. I’ve found friends and family as well as my faith in God to be helpful on many occasions.


2.    Use humor to keep your focus positive. Read some humorous stories, find a joke website, and look at life in a humorous way when you can. I try to remember all the silly things I’ve done in my life to cheer up others.


3.    Learn strategies to deal with necessary changes in your life or job. Sometimes, the easiest way to cope is by developing new skills or starting a new exercise program. Learn some stress relievers.


4.    View challenges or obstacles as opportunities. Sometimes, our lives get in a rut. When we face challenges, we need to look for other ways to do things, whether it be finding a new job or taking a break from the stress to do something more restful.


5.    Develop Visualization techniques. When I’m having a stressful time, I like to visualize a better time, usually a future goal. Then I can set some goals and priorities and visualize accomplishment.


Ardis gives many tips in her presentation on “Coping with Challenge and Change”.


“Everyone is so jazzed about last night!  They loved you!  Thanks so much for coming to EYE-DAS.  Everyone was so inspired and uplifted!”

--Karen Smith, Executive Coordinator EYE-DAS


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My fourth book was written originally for my two daughters but then I decided to offer it to others. It makes a great gift. The title is “My Family’s Favorites” (recipes handed down from family and friends). It also has healthy hints and helpful cooking suggestions. This book is available in print, large print, brf format- on thumb drive or cd. All my books are available for purchase on my website: Other books come in several formats (print, audio cd or cassette, and brf format for notetakers). You can receive a discounted print copy of my third book by ordering it on my publisher’s website: BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS: Does the Image of Your Business Attract Customers and Motivate Employees?


Go to the author page and look for Ardis Bazyn or go to the book page and look for “Building Blocks to Success”.


Business coaching plans are available at a discounted fee if you indicate you read this newsletter. Contact me for more details.


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Products and Services


Bazyn Communications continues to offer inspirational and motivational speaking, business coaching, and writing. A free consultation by phone or in person is available upon request. For a list of speaking or coaching topics, visit We’re also available for a variety of writing projects, small and large: business plans, marketing plans, articles, and copy for most types of media for small businesses and nonprofits. Small Braille transcription projects including greeting cards are offered at reasonable prices. Contact us for pricing.


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Contributions Accepted


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Favorite Quotes


“Laughter is an Instant Vacation.”


"You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Which is just another way of saying that the way to make a friend is to be one." Dale Carnegie


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