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Letter from the editor


Dear readers,


This is an exciting time for me.  My third book has just been published and is available for sale on my website:  Discounted copies may be purchased from my publisher at  Read more about ordering under “Updates.”  I’ve also included an article in this newsletter called “Examining Opportunities”, which is a chapter from my book.  The second article in this newsletter is about delegation which I thought would be beneficial to anyone in leadership -- whether it is an organization or a business.


As always, if you wish to contribute an article to a future newsletter, or make any suggestions, please send an email to me at Enjoy reading this issue.


Ardis Bazyn


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My third book is now available for purchase on my publisher’s website: and on my website:

BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS: Does the Image of Your Business Attract Customers and Motivate Employees?


It will be available on my website in print, audio CD-ROM, audiocassette tape, and in BRF format for Braille displays and note takers (diskette).


To order discounted copies, go to Go to the author page and look for Ardis Bazyn or go to the book page and look for “Building Blocks to Success”.


If you wish to receive a text version of this newsletter or receive past issues, please email me at: or call (818) 238-9321. If you would like to receive a copy of my brochure or one of my flyers on specific services, please contact me.  If you would like a sample of my previous writing, you may request to see copy from a previous cover letter, press release, flyer, website, or an article. Under the inspirational speaking link on my website, many of my speech and coaching topics are listed including an additional link with the key points for each topic. Please ask for references and testimonials as well.


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By: Ardis Bazyn


How successful is your business?  What do you consider success?  Do you keep your clients and employees for extended periods of time or do they lose interest?  Does your business draw new customers continually?  Is your business prepared to make changes in order to expand at a faster rate?  Is expansion what you really need or want?  Is customer/client or employee retention important?  What is the main purpose for your business?  Are you consistently making strides toward your mission and your goals?  Are customers excited and encouraged by your products and services?  Do employees see the viability of your products or services?  Answering these questions is the secret to image building, customer and employee development, and growth. 


Clear and consistent communication is crucial -- telling others what they need to know and what you want to accomplish.  You should strive for clarity and simplicity in your communication methods as well.  For example, website should contain links of exactly what your business does. 


Any business wishing to add or retain clients as well as employees needs to be willing to make some improvements as your situation warrants.  If the image of your business already portrays a positive message, you should be able to draw a significant amount of outside interest.  Drastic changes may not be necessary, but some of your current practices and services may need some modification to promote substantial growth.

Essentially, all customer development and retention is based on your image.  In other words, how do outsiders view your business?  If your image is appealing, any marketing techniques you use will probably be successful.  If your image is not perceived very well, you will have to adjust that perception.  Once you feel your image is positive and easily understood, you can market your business more effectively.


Employees' attitudes will probably have to be evaluated for any changes to occur at all.  Your current employees may not even be aware that they may be causing your business problems.  The same products, the same services, the same public relation efforts, and the same "tried and true" ways of handling employees and customer services might not compete well with other businesses in the neighborhood.  Times change and each business needs to adjust as well.


Making improvements is not always difficult.  Long-range plans should be contemplated continually.  Tracking where you have been is necessary to see what you still want to implement in the future.


The way you "sell" your business differentiates it and establishes how it is viewed.  Traditional marketing may work for some businesses but more contemporary relationship related techniques might be necessary for others to be successful.  If you truly want to expand, you need to watch the current trends as well as the demographics of your community. 


Many neighborhoods are becoming multi cultural.  Since all cultures look at products and services differently, some surveys of your community might even be helpful.  Also, many businesses are more global in their reach. 


Brainstorming might be warranted.  Sometimes it is better to have an outside facilitator lead vital employees in some goal setting or brainstorming.  Focus groups may work as well.  An unbiased facilitator usually collects better results and offers more insight in any brainstorming process.  Since ideas must be flushed out as much as possible, all the participants in this process must feel that their comments will be accepted as credible and valuable. 


A facilitator usually asks each person to state any thoughts that come to mind when thinking critically about your current business activities.  Once initial topics are listed, all participants should decide on the best five or six choices.  After making this determination, each person should share various aspects and strategies to make any alternatives work.  All the possibilities from participants should be accumulated and used later when you are planning your goals and objectives for the future.


Everyone wants to be a participant in the process of any major changes.  Brain storming with as many employees as possible will make innovations seem less intrusive to them.  Focus groups (gathering individuals from a specific population to ask questions about products, services, or just getting input) are also a common means of assembling opinions. 

Enough employees need to understand why your business wants to try some new strategies.  The more employees willing to look at your business in a newer positive light, the more quickly and easily these transitions will occur.  The impact of possible improvements will not immediately be seen.  Positive and negatives of any changes may be subtle at first.  This is why it is very important to be thinking and acting in a productive but sensitive manner. 


Dramas or skits of inappropriate behavior may be an innovative part of staff meetings.  Inclusive and participatory methods in staff training will create more openness.  If all employees cannot work together for positive change, rifts can take place that are difficult to heal.  If the disagreements between some employees are strong enough, it may even cause a business to lose valuable employees and ultimately customers who prefer those employees’ assistance.  It is a much wiser plan to try to carefully iron out any areas in which contention may exist. 


Another side effect of major change may be the loss of long-time employees who do not feel comfortable with your new initiatives.  Even though this may happen regardless of how careful and thoughtful you are, as much effort as practical should be undertaken to bridge the gap between the various opinions of your employees.  Customers will need to be advised of any discontinued products or services and persuaded how new ones will ultimately be more valuable to them.  The transition time is the most difficult to overcome, but once you have dealt with the initial uncertainties, both your customers and employees will start to feel more comfortable with the new plans.  I encourage you to be open to new possibilities and to explore what benefits your business could gain from new initiatives. 



* Evaluating attitude toward customers

* Improving customer follow-up

* Developing and promoting your purpose

* Developing excellent customer service

* Using more publicity

* Trying new activities

* Promoting customer resources

* Publicizing newsletters, list servs, and website

* Becoming involved in the community

* Offering scholarships, contests, or awards

* Providing inspiring retreats or conferences

* Setting positive and realistic goals for the future


In the chapters of my book, I will identify and review some valuable ideas used by various businesses.  This will help you to explore your current practices and investigate possible improvements.  Of course, you need to examine your business as if you were an outsider to truly evaluate how you compare with others.  Comparing and contrasting your business is beneficial and critical to expanding your opportunities in the future.


Copyright © 2005, Bazyn Communications, All rights reserved.

(This article is one of the chapters from my third book, just released from my publisher:

BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS: Does the Image of Your Business Attract Customers and Motivate Employees?)


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Delegation of Tasks

By: Debbie and Bill Castellani


Delegation is one of the key management skills owners and managers HAVE to learn.  There are so many benefits from it, including:

*        Expands the staff’s knowledge

*        Increases the staff’s confidence

*        Utilizes the business owner’s or manager’s time for more profitable pursuits

*        Increases the firms value since one person is not the key to the company’s success

*        Allows the business owner or manager more free time for a vacation or to go home 'on time'


If you are a one person business owner or an independent, keep reading.


If you don't have a staff or don't want to increase it, you can delegate to third parties.


Accountants, marketing firms, and mailing centers are all there to help free up your time to move your company forward and INCREASE profits.



9 MUSTs for Delegation:


1. Transfer ownership of the task

* Be clear when you it hand off.  “Here you go, it is all yours.”


2. Tell them why you are giving them the task

* If an employee understands why they are being asked to it, they are more likely to complete the task


3. Help the employee

* Help set up an action plan to execute the task.


4. Set deadlines

* Mutually agree on a completion date.  Let them participate in the deadline, it helps them take ownership in the project


5. Ask for a recap

* This helps transfer ownership and makes sure they understand what is being asked of them.


6. Monitor them

* Don’t smother though.  Check in on them to see how they are doing.  This also allows them to ask questions and learn from your experiences and understand your expectations


7. Assign tasks based on strengths

* Assign tasks based on the employees’ strengths. Although it is good to use assignments as a learning tool, build on their talents they have and slowly expand.  Allow your staff to gain confidence by completing tasks.


8. Distribute assignments among all your staff evenly

* Do not overload a few people because they are fast at completing tasks.  This will drive down morale and will not properly cross train your staff.


9. Do not take a task back

* Whatever you do, do not take the task back at the first sign of trouble.  Coach and manage them through it.  If you take it back, you will break their confidence and give you or another employee more work.



Don't Sweat the Little Stuff


You will NEVER grow your business if you do all the 'little stuff' yourself.


If you're spending 40% - 60% of your time doing administrative work you'll never devote enough time to creating value for your clients or marketing for new business.


There is no denying this.


Delegating and hiring good people is the ultimate leverage of your time and money.  If you don't want employees, hire independent contractors or third parties.


If your time is worth $125 an hour or more, why would you ever do $10 or $15 an hour work?


Delegating and hiring good people may seem like it will decrease your income, but it frees you up to INCREASE your income.


Realize, there is a training factor in delegating or 'passing off the work, but once the training period is over the big payoff starts.



Be a Business Owner


Don't think of yourself as being 'self employed'. Stop thinking of yourself as an employee.


Have a different mindset.


Consider yourself a business owner.


Owners and executives oversee what is being done.


They have the policies and procedures in place and do the planning and big picture things.  They let the 'workers' take care of the 'little stuff'.


One person cannot do it all.  There are only 1,440 minutes in a day and you need to use them to your highest and best use. Allow your staff to help you. Allow your staff to grow.   You will see a big improvement in your business profits and efficiency.


(Reprinted by Permission:  Copyright 2005 by OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Visit OTB Strategic Consulting's Website to receive a

Complimentary report on ‘Ten Major Pitfalls You Must Avoid In Businesses.’)


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Products and Services

Bazyn Communications continues to offer inspirational and motivational speaking, coaching, and writing. A free consultation by phone or in person is available upon request. My primary topic areas for speaking or coaching are: coping with challenges and change, developing/maintaining a positive attitude, image building for organizations or churches, setting reachable goals, and successful business strategies. I also give training and facilitation on team building, time management, and diversity training. I can adapt my presentations as necessary for the person or group with which I’m working. For a list of the key points on these subjects, email me directly or check my website: Http://


I also provide writing projects including: articles (with or without interviews and research), transcription of audio presentations (cassette tapes, cd-roms, and in person presentations), press releases, copy for websites or brochures, flyers, speeches, presentations, training modules (developed in consultation with the company or organization), and ghost-writing. If you would like to see a sample of any previous work, contact me. If you have questions, please ask.


To order one of my books, check out my website or call. I take checks, money orders, and can accept Visa or MasterCard through Paypal.


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