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Summer 2005


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Letter from the editor


Dear readers,


Summer is a great time to reflect on the months past and relax a bit. However, you can also concentrate on how to have a productive fall. I’ve included another article on websites I’ve found during research or ones friends have sent me.


If you wish to contribute an article to a future newsletter, or make any suggestions, please send an email to Enjoy reading this issue.

Ardis Bazyn


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My third book is currently at my publisher. It should be available soon for purchase. It will be available in print, brf format for notetakers, cd, and cassette.

BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS: Does the Image of Your Business Attract Customers and Motivate Employees?


If you wish to receive a text version of this newsletter or receive any past issues, please email me at: or call (818) 238-9321. If you would like to receive a copy of my brochure or a flyer on my services, the following are available: my price list for writing services, my list of all services and books, my list of books with chapters, and one listing my speech and coaching topics. You may request a press release, flyer, website copy, or an article: all written for previous customers. I can send a copy in the mail or email. Under the inspirational speaking link on my website, many of my speech and coaching topics are listed including an additional link with the key points for each topic. There are also testimonials as well.


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More Useful websites for Business Owners


HTTP:// contains information about an organization that plans networking opportunities for business owners as well as marketing tips. This organization operates in Southern California.


 Are you searching for the cheapest long distance service? Two helpful websites recommended by Consumer Action to compare and contrast different service plans are: and You can find consumer action online at: For Free Directory Assistance Online, contact: and and are both websites for cheap calling. When your time runs out, you simply log into your account, punch in your credit card number and recharge. 


Concerned that your laptop might walk off with someone else, especially during airport security checks? TrackIT is a $60 key chain alarm that sounds off if you and your machine are separated by more than 40 ft. It is a portable, two-piece anti-theft system using a key chain transmitter and a miniature receiver with a sonic alarm. You can monitor a laptop computer case, briefcase, purse, carry-on luggage or any bag for up to 40 feet. Check, or call 888/487-2251.


HTTP://, HTTP://, and HTTP:// have very good sites for business owners. All three deliver for free if you order a minimum of $50 at one time. You can sign up for free email newsletters, which will tell you about current deals. All three have many office supplies, labels, label makers, computer programs and related technology and much more.


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Making Cold Calls

By: Debbie and Bill Castellani

In today’s world of e-mails and faxes, the telephone is still the most valuable tool you have at your disposal to develop new business efficiently. True face to face is the best, but that can be very time consuming and, depending on where the prospects are located - costly.


I shutter to say the words, but 'cold' calling is a valuable technique for prospecting in many industries, but not all.  Even in those industries where it is inefficient, learning the basics of cold calling can help you in prospecting and even networking face to face.


Because the prospect is considered a stranger, many of us dread making those calls or going to networking events. Each and every one of us has certain levels of anxiety and levels of resistance when we make a call. This is merely the symptom and not the true source of our problem.  Many of us believe that 'cold' calling is simply forcing ourselves on someone because we don’t like this done to us.


Change the way you think.


Remember, your outlook dominates your outcome.


In other words, if you think cold calls are intrusive and annoying, you will come across that way each and every time.


Be positive.


Realize the call is informative and helpful to the prospect.



Warm the 'Cold' Call



  1. Warm' up the prospect. Do a mailing or faxing campaign prior to calling.    Now you are following up on something you have sent    - it is no longer a cold call. If the caller says    they didn’t get it, volunteer to send it again.  You can even fax it over again while you are on the phone    with them.


  1. Do some research.    Before you pick up the phone, realize what you already    know about the prospect.  For example, if I were calling    on a bakery, I would already know a few things about the    company before picking up the phone.  I would know their    location.  If they advertised, I would have a feel for    their target market or at least how they present themselves. I have some insight into the industry, so I    have a feel for how many people work there and their hours    of operation.  In other words, I have a general sense for    this business.  I may not know the owners by name, but I    understand their business and how my services may be able to help them.


  1. If you are calling from a list of numbers, make it a    quality, targeted list.    A list from a Chamber of Commerce will tell you industries    and location.  A list from a specific association like    National Association of Realtors lets you know most of    them are realtors.


  1. Turn your mindset around. The call is not as 'cold' as you may think.  The only    true cold calls are telemarketers who are just given a    list of numbers to call with no other information.


  1. Develop a Plan. Before you pick up the phone, have a plan of what to say    and how to say it. 


Reprinted with permission from OTB Strategic Consulting's Small Business Authority Newsletter. You can subscribe to their newsletter and receive a complimentary "Ten Major Pitfalls You Must Avoid" by visiting:,



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Products and Services

Bazyn Communications continues to offer inspirational and motivational speaking, coaching, and writing. A free consultation by phone or in person is available upon request. My primary topic areas for speaking or coaching are: coping with challenges and change, developing/maintaining a positive attitude, image building for organizations or churches, setting reachable goals, and successful business strategies. I also give training and facilitation on team building, time management, stress management, diversity training, and goal setting. I can adapt my presentations as necessary for the person or group with which I’m working. For a list of the key points on these subjects, email me directly.


I also provide writing projects including: articles (with or without interviews and research), transcription of tapes and cds, press releases, copy for websites or brochures, flyers, speeches, presentations, training modules (developed in consultation with the company or organization), and ghost-writing. If you would like to see a sample of any previous work, contact me. If you have questions, please ask.


To order one of my books, check out my website or call. I take checks, money orders, and can accept Visa or MasterCard through Paypal.


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Contributions Accepted

If you would like to contribute an article for an upcoming newsletter, please send it to: Any article of interest to readers, both individuals and organizations may be accepted for inclusion in an upcoming issue.


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Recommended Links

 Check out the links of organizations in which I participate:

Burbank Business Network International: HTTP://

Burbank Chamber of Commerce: HTTP://

Burbank activities: HTTP://

American Council of the Blind: HTTP://

California Council of the Blind: HTTP://

Randolph Sheppard Vendors of America: HTTP://

Independent Visually Impaired Enterprisers: HTTP://

California Voter Empowerment Circle: HTTP:// (accumulated articles on voting issues)

National Alliance of Blind Students: HTTP://


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