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October 2004


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Letter from the editor

Dear readers,


The last two months I’ve been giving voter outreach presentations for the county of Los Angeles. It has been an interesting experience and I’ve visited many community groups and organizations throughout Los Angeles County. I’ve been sharing all the aspects of the voting process including the different voting options, registering prospective voters, signing up poll workers, demonstrating the voting systems, and basically explaining the voting criteria and information for L.A. County residents. I’ll be through with this temporary opportunity right after the election, but I hope to keep in touch with the new contacts I’ve made.


My articles this month touch on the importance of networking and positive communication. How do you choose which organizations you join and which products and services you purchase? Sometimes, you meet someone at an event and had a positive conversation. However, it may be a referral from a friend or colleague. In the following articles, I’ve made some suggestions to help you. It’s important to network and communicate positively with others.


Finally, if you wish to contribute an article to a future newsletter or make any suggestions, please check the contact information at the end of this newsletter. Enjoy reading this issue!


Ardis Bazyn


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Networking Fundamentals

By: Ardis Bazyn


Networking with individuals and business people is valuable to anyone trying to build an organization or business. It may seem simple to find Networking Events such as clubs, business associations, exhibitions or conferences. However, there are some essentials to know about networking to make it work successfully.


Basically, you are looking for opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences. You want to build quality relationships with others. You need to be comfortable with talking to anyone about any topic. Small talk is the first step. Just commenting about the weather, the food at the event, or the organizer of the event is a start. You might target others who are not visiting with a group.


Small talk should lead you to discussing the reasons you both came to this event; i.e. your individual businesses or organizations, your affiliation with the group, or your individual careers. Most people's favorite topic of discussion is about themselves. People love to give advice to others in their field of expertise. As you continue your conversation, identify what areas in which you could find each other’s business beneficial.


The most successful networkers listen 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time. You should exchange business cards only when it is appropriate- when you are really interested in cultivating that relationship. You should carry business cards with you at all times. I’ve met many possible clients or friends in unlikely places -  buses, cabs, planes, and doctors’ offices.


Offer your services for free. By volunteering your services, you may be able to prove your ability to handle a problem for an important client in the future. Only make promises to help that you can keep


You should act outgoing and conversational. If you are shy, try to find some common interest and allow that to lead to his/her business or your business. If you can, call people by name. Follow up any invitation to lunch or coffee as soon as possible.


To become an expert in your industry, you must be willing to show others how and why you are better than your competition. Keeping in touch with people you’ve met at events will help people remember you and your business. Keep a database of contact information


When following up with a contact, remember to remind them of how you met. Don't call the same person all the time. It is most beneficial if you phone or email a new contact within two to three weeks.


Some quick tips are listed below to remember at your next networking opportunity:

1. Introduce yourself and offer a business card and/or brochure about your business or organization.

2. Show an interest in your conversation with the new contact.

3. Limit the number of your initial comments unless the individual is asking questions and really interested.

4. Attempt to greet anyone you’ve met at a prior event.

5. Introduce anyone new at an event.

6. Always act in a professional manner in all your conversations and actions at any event you attend.

7. Keep in touch with the contacts you make.


Ongoing networking is beneficial and can be fun as well. Your ultimate goal should be to have quality conversations building into long lasting mutually beneficial relationships. Networking must be taken seriously since quality networking connections will bring you referrals.


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Communication is Key to Your Success

By: Ardis Bazyn


How do you communicate with others? Often, communication is an afterthought for most of us. We do it naturally or so we think. However, are we consistently communicating with those we should? Often, our methods of communication are based on our time and our needs.


The types of communication most of us rely on are:

  1. Verbal communication, one on one
  2. Listening to conference or seminar speakers
  3. Website content, either reading or inputting information
  4. List servs, organizational or personal
  5. Newsletters either mail or email
  6. Brochures or flyers
  7. Business cards
  8. Advertising or press releases
  9. Staff meetings
  10. Watching TV, listening to radio, and reading newspapers


After reading the list, what is the common thread in them all? They all stimulate you. However, they all communicate information or misinformation whatever it is. As you listen or read any information, you should pay attention.


Did you realize that how any medium communicates, it pushes your thoughts either in a positive way or a negative way? In your organizations, whether they are large or small, you want to communicate in the best form possible. You want customers to respond by using your products or services. When you share information or solutions in any medium, make sure you are honest, deliberate, and clear.


When you deal with customers or contacts, you need to make them feel that you really care about their situations and problems. If they can rely on you to help them in the best way possible, they will continue to do business with you. If you let them down by promising something you cannot deliver, by leaving part of the project unfinished, or by doing a poor job, they will probably not refer more business to you. If you do find that you are unable to complete a contract or project in the way you specified, communicate your thoughts and concerns to your client. They will respond much more favorably if you have communicated your concern.


Communication in a website, brochure, or advertising also needs to be clear. Prospective customers want to find out about your products and services. If they are satisfied you can fulfill their needs, they will contact you. Communicate exactly what you can offer. [For more ideas on communication methods and marketing, order one of my books designed for your particular organization type (organization, church, or business) or inquire about my services or coaching]


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Products and Services


Bazyn Communications continues to offer inspirational and motivational speaking and coaching. A free consultation by phone or in person is available, if requested. My primary topic areas are: coping with challenges and change, developing/maintaining a positive attitude, image building for organizations or churches, setting reachable goals, and successful business strategies. I also give training and facilitation on team building, time management, stress management, diversity training, and goal setting. I can adapt them as necessary for the person or group with which I’m working. For a list of the key points on many of these subjects, go to: HTTP://


I also provide writing projects including: articles (with or without interviews and research), transcription of tapes and cds, press releases, copy for websites or brochures, flyers, speeches, presentations, training modules (developed in consultation with the company or organization), and ghost-writing. If you have questions, please ask.


To order one of my books, check out my website or call. I take checks, money orders, and can accept Visa or MasterCard through Paypal, since I’m registered with them.


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Contributions Accepted


If you would like to contribute an article, please send it to: Please send articles, which may be of interest to readers, individuals and organizations.


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